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Thank you Secret Angel!

Thank you Secret Angel!

Secret Angel by TBM

We always have good relationships at work. To enhance it & create more fun, we have recently played a game called “Secret Angel by TBM”. Yes, the game rules are basically just like the game of “Guardian Angel & Mortal”. Everyone in the office has got to pick a random name from the envelope, and he or she meant to “take care” of the person that they’ve luckily picked without revealing themselves. Interesting huh? 

The things that they can do for their mortals can be in a form of buying them food, sending them a motivational message, silently helping them on something etc. And again, the guardian angels shouldn’t reveal themselves to the mortals! 

The “caring period” is  30 days and after that, the mortal can guess who his or her guardian angel is!

Guessing who is your secret angel can be challenging! You will be all flattered and happy to receive so much love from your secret angel but at the same time, you’re so curious to know who is him or her! 

Are you curious too? Well, we can’t wait to know the answer as well!

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