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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Achieve #GoodAndHealthyHair by blow-drying your hair correctly! 🤩 Say no to frizzy and dull hair! 🚫

Achieve #GoodAndHealthyHair by blow-drying your hair correctly! 🤩 Say no to frizzy and dull hair! 🚫

Achieve #GoodAndHealthyHair by blow-drying your hair correctly! 🤩 Say no to frizzy and dull hair! 🚫

Hello, fellow friends! We’re sure most of you probably struggle with #BlowDrying your hair. 😫 Especially for those with long hair, it is totally a nightmare! 😣 Because they must endure the drawn-out "blow-drying" process after washing their hair. The lengthy process makes them lack the motivation and are too tired to wash their hair.

That is why most people use a towel to wipe their hair vigorously after washing and then wait for it to dry naturally or blow-dry it until the hair is half-dry and straight away go to the bed. 👀

🆙 #ImportantNote ! This is a very bad habit! ❌ You must change it now!

Indirectly, it will also cause #headaches , #scalpinflammation and other problems that could be harmful to the body because #bacteria 🦠 can easily grow on damp pillows. 😖 Additionally, forcibly combing your hair with a comb before it is completely dry will #pullthescalp , #damage and cause #dullhair ! 😱
Everyone must be wondering, what should I do to quickly blow dry my hair and have good and healthy hair? 🤔 In fact, it is really very simple, everyone can do it! 🙌

Step 1️⃣ : Soak Up Excess Water with Microfiber Towel
Our hair in ‘Over WET’ 💧 condition where the hair is fragile and prone to breaking after a shower. Therefore, before beginning to blow dry your hair, it is preferable to soak up any excess water on your hair with a towel. This step not only cuts down the time spent on blow-drying, but it also avoids the wet hair from coming into direct contact with the hot temperature ♨️ which can harm the hair scales and make the hair dry and frizzy. Have you all heard the phrase ‘A woman’s hair is her crown and glory’? So don't rub your hair vigorously or wring it out! 🙅‍♀️ Always remember to #UseTowel to #GentlyWipeYourHair .

Step 2️⃣ : Use Hair Oil or Leave-in Conditioner
After using a towel to soak up the excess water on your hair, remember don't rush to blow-dry your hair! There is an important step here, which is to #ApplyHairOil or #LeaveInConditioner . To ensure that your hair fully absorbs the nutrients from the hair oil, apply the hair oil on the middle and ends of your hair and massage them with the warm palm of your hand. Thus, a #ProtectiveFilm is then formed on the surface of the hair which can effectively resist the damage caused by high temperatures. 🛡 It makes your hair smoother and less frizzy too after blow-drying. 🧴🥰

Step 3️⃣ : Start Blow-drying
Do you think that we can simply blow-dry our hair after applying the hair condition? The answer is NO! There are a few techniques that you should know. Here are the #3MainKeyPoints as mentioned below!
📌 Divide your hair into #SeveralParts according to the length and volume of your hair and blow-dry it.
📌 The distance between the hair dryer and the hair scalp should maintain at least #15cm or above. Keep flicking with your finger while blowing it evenly by moving it to different sections from time to time. This technique can dry your hair effectively and most importantly, to avoid repeated blowing in the same area which can cause uneven heating and damage to the hair.
📌 The blowing direction of the hair dryer should also #FollowTheDirection of #HairGrowth , from the root to the ends of hair. In this way, it can boost the closure of the hair cuticle, lock the nutrients and moisture inside your hair to ensure smooth and shiny hair.

Step 4️⃣ : Use Comb & Final Touch Up with Cold Air
We can start adjusting the air dryer to cold air mode once the hair is about 80% dry after blow-drying it. ❄️ To untangle any knotted sections, you can comb your hair at the same time. Dryness is the main cause of frizzy hair, never blow dry your hair too much! The ideal condition for your hair's surface moisture is when you can feel a slight chill on your hair! 💯
To have good and healthy hair is so simple and easy, right? 😎 Try it out tonight! Unlock your smooth and silky hair! 🥳

🔑 Hopefully these life hacks are helpful to you! 🔮

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