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Who We Are?

We started the journey in 1945 as a bicycle shop that serves the neighbourhood. Going through ups and downs while constantly innovating, TBM eventually evolved into the familiar consumer electronics retail chain store today. TBM is committed to offer our services to more neighbourhoods through our outlets across Klang Valley. Our founder Mr. Tan Boon Ming lives by a mantra: “our customers are our neighbours!”

Over the decades, TBM does its very best to care for our neighbourhoods and customers. We continue to seek for ways to improve the wellbeing of our customers more and hence the idea of Axtra was born.

 What is Axtra?

As the name suggests, Axtra is actually from the word ‘Extra’.

Axtra is a movement, a motivation for us to go the extra mile. It is the additional commitment to go beyond normal standards between our relationship with stakeholders - customers, employees, community and business partners.

 Keep your eyes peeled for the Axtra journey!
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 Why Axtra?

Simple, because we care. We believe that the positive flow of energy help us build sustainable and long-term relationships with all parties that make this possible. We believe that the acts of care and love help to break down walls. More importantly, we believe that we can care for others in many different ways that don't take much.

 What We Do?

Axtra is your friendly neighbourhood electronic store. Our dedicated team strives to deliver quality products that will satisfy your needs. It is our delight to share our knowledge on electronic products that bring convenience and quality of life closer to you.

With every milestone that we achieve, we continue to commit to take our customers, employees, partners and community along the Axtra journey.

You can look forward to:

  • Specially curated experiences & activities just for you
  • Meaningful partnerships to grow together
  • Avenues for you to be part of a caring society
  • Sharing on product knowledge and lifestyle tips

Keep your eyes peeled for the Axtra journey!