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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Does the microwave oven really emit radiation? ☢️ #SafetyPrecautions of #Microwave that you may not know!

Does the microwave oven really emit radiation? ☢️ #SafetyPrecautions of #Microwave that you may not know!

Does the microwave oven really emit radiation? ☢️ #SafetyPrecautions of #Microwave that you may not know!

Microwave ovens are extremely important to us salarymen. We often don't want to spend time cooking after a long day at work and when we are feeling hungry already. This is when a microwave comes into play! All we have to do is just place the food into the microwave and let it do the heat-up job! 🔔 Wait for the ding of the microwave and another quick meal is done 🍱👌

Till now, many people are still doubting whether microwave ovens are safe?
Would the microwave make your food radioactive? 🤔

Although there are news about microwave explosion in the past, any electrical appliance that is used in an improper way in spite of the brand or price can also be damaged 😂😅
It's very often that we will misuse the microwave when we are in a rush, like putting containers or foods that are not microwave-safe into the microwave.

What else should you be aware of besides the prohibited items? Does the microwave really give off harmful radiation? Does it cause cancer? 🤨 Here, let’s first understand how the microwave oven works! Let’s check out how the microwave works actually!

A microwave oven uses a magnetron to generate microwave energy, and turn electric energy into electromagnetic waves. These waves stimulate molecules in your food to make them clash with each other, thus heating up the food ♨️ The so-called “microwave” is a type of electromagnetic wave, producing non-ionizing radiation which is commonly used in some home appliances as well such as light bulbs, computers, radios and so on

In other words, microwave radiation is not harmful to our health! ❌

As for its carcinogenic nature, microwaves are not known to cause cancer in general. However, this does not rule out other factors such as using plastic containers or the food itself (See the pictures below for more details).

The microwave oven has become an electrical appliance that is commonly used everywhere such as at home, office and convenience stores. When used correctly, the microwave oven will not cause any harm to us, hence it is essential to understand the correct way to use a microwave!
🗝️ Hopefully these tips and tricks of using a microwave are helpful to you! 🔮
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