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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Hot or cold shower? Which should I go for? 🤔

Hot or cold shower? Which should I go for? 🤔

Hot or cold shower? Which should I go for? 🤔

Cold shower vs hot shower, which is better? ♨️❄️ Presumably many decide to take a cold or hot one depending on their body temperature that day!

Taking a cold shower is absolutely great when the weather is hot or we were sweating a lot after an outdoor activity! 🏸⛹️‍♂️🚴‍♀️ On the other hand, a hot shower beats everything when it's a freezing cold day or it has been raining the whole day long! ☺️ Taking a hot bath before bed could also help us to fall asleep faster and better! 🛌😴

However, the elders always advise us not to take a cold shower because it will affect our body negatively in the long run 👵👴 and we will be prone to getting #RheumaticDiseases as we grow older! 😧
But did you know? According to scientific research, cold showers do not really harm our body. In fact, its benefits to our body are not any less than hot showers! 👍

Both #HotShower and #ColdShower have their own advantages, so how should we choose? Let's reveal the facts now!
🚿 Hot Shower ♨️ :
✅ Relieve cold symptoms 🤧
The steam from a hot shower can lessen symptoms such as #UnblockingNasalCongestion and #ReducingInflammation . Therefore, it's effective to take a hot shower when we're having a cold to get rid of a stuffy nose or sore throat.

✅ Improve sleep problems 😴
Taking a hot shower an hour before going to bed at night can effectively #ImproveSleepQuality and makes us fall asleep faster as it improves the #TemperatureCircadianRhythm in our body.

✅ Relax muscles 💢
A hot shower can help to soothe tight and tense muscles, allowing our muscles to quickly return to a relaxed state. Soaking feet in a pail of hot water for 40 minutes after exercising could also help reduce the pain in our lower limbs.

🚿 Cold Shower ❄️ :
✅ Relieve muscle ache 💪
Many fitness enthusiasts have the habit of taking cold showers after exercising. In fact, taking cold showers or soaking in cold water after exercising doesn't only relieve the #MuscleSoreness , but also reduce our body's #inflammation after exercise, helping our body to recover quickly.

✅ Soothe itchy skin 😣
Bathing under cold water is definitely more ideal than a hot shower for people who have #SensitiveSkin . This is because people with sensitive skin often have dry and itchy skin, cold water could calm the itching better than warm water.

✅ Improve immune system 💉
Studies have shown that taking a cold shower can strengthen #ImmuneSystem and #RestoreAppropriateImmuneFunction . When our body is being attacked by viruses, our immune system will be able to respond faster in defeating the enemy.

However, we must avoid taking cold showers when sick as this will not activate our immune system, and even worsen our sickness!

After understanding the benefits of both hot and cold showers, we believe all of us have a clearer picture of when to take a hot and cold bath! So long as we know when to decide the ideal shower temperature, we can effectively achieve a #HealthyLifestyle ! 🧘‍♀️🍃
🗝️ Hopefully these life hacks are helpful to you! 🔮

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