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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Leaving the Air Conditioner Off For Too Long Can Cause Mould! 😱 You Can Control Moulds With One Action! 🚫🦠

Leaving the Air Conditioner Off For Too Long Can Cause Mould! 😱 You Can Control Moulds With One Action! 🚫🦠

Leaving the Air Conditioner Off For Too Long Can Cause Mould! 😱 You Can Control Moulds With One Action! 🚫🦠

Hello fellow friends! Most of us have noticed that many places were flooded starting from November 2022. This is because of the Monsoon season 🌧 that began earlier than expected, which cause heavy rainfalls almost every day.

According to Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia (METMalysia), the #NortheastMonsoonSeason and #RainingSeason ☔️ will begin in our nation in November and is expected to last until March 2023! 😧

Northeast Monsoon brings heavy rain especially to the states on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The rain droplets from frequent rainfall will cool the air through evaporation that would cause the temperature to drop. For people who are afraid of cold 🥶 it is sufficient for them to use only the fan instead of turning the air conditioner (AC) on because of the cold weather. 😮‍💨

⚠️HOWEVER… DO YOU KNOW? Leaving the AC off for more than 1 month can cause #Mould ! 🦠🤧

This is because we usually choose to turn on the air conditioner in hot or muggy weather ♨️ At this time, there will be #Condensation 💧 in the air conditioner. This means that the liquid water stain we usually see inside the machine, air outlet, or pipes was formed by the condensation of water vapor. As a result, if we do not use the air conditioner for an extended period of time, mould will begin to grow, as it thrives in environments with above 70% humidity and temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C!

📌 How to Prevent?
 Turn on the #FanMode from your air conditioner on a sunny day for a few hours to dry out the interior of the AC! 🌬️

🔖 Warm Tips:
You should remove the dry cell batteries 🔋 from your remote control if you plan to leave the AC off for long periods. This can help to prevent battery leakage and unwanted damage to the controller.

In addition to protecting your AC from damage, proper maintenance is needed in order to maintain the air’s purity for our health! 🍃🛡
🗝️ Hopefully these life hacks are helpful to you! 🔮

🔗📖 Click here for more tips on buying and maintaining home appliances 👉

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