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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What!? It suddenly #Exploded ? 💥😱 ⚠️📣 Avoid putting these types of clothes in the #WashingMachine !!! 🧺🧥

What!? It suddenly #Exploded ? 💥😱 ⚠️📣 Avoid putting these types of clothes in the #WashingMachine !!! 🧺🧥

What!? It suddenly #Exploded ? 💥😱
⚠️📣 Avoid putting these types of clothes in the #WashingMachine !!! 🧺🧥

To state the obvious, washing machines are essential to our #DailyLives !
However, as time goes by, we will discover that there are some issues will occur 🚩 For instance, the clothes shrink after washing, the threads loosen, the washing machine makes a loud noise while running or it even a #SuddenMachineBurst while washing! 😣

Therefore, it is crucial to use the washing machine #Properly in order to #TakeCare of both your clothes and the machine 💓

In fact, there are several types of clothes that can only be washed by hand 🖐 yet some people still like to throw all their clothes in the washing machine 😵‍💫
The following are the types of clothes that will block the drainage hole and preventing water from passing through when the washing machine is dewatered.

It caused the water that should have flowed out accumulate in the laundry tank, resulting in abnormal vibration, deformation, bursting open or even damage to the whole washing machine 😨

3️⃣ Categories of items not to be washed, dehydrated or dried:
❌ #WaterproofClothing, even if the wash label says ‘machine washable’
❌ #Fibre items that absorb a lot of water
❌ Items with #WaterproofRubber on the back

⚠️ List of items ➡️
Raincoats, windbreakers, ski suit, down jackets, sleeping bags, waterproof bed linen, waterproof duvet covers, floor mats, foot mats, carpets, cushions, pillows, etc

✨ A quick #Reminder :
👉 Please remove pet hair from your clothing before #Washing it if you have pets.
👉 Large items like blankets shouldn't be folded inside the washing machine because they will cause strange vibrations when dehydrated, which could cause the machine to topple over and leak water.

Not all clothing can be washed in a machine! 👕👖 Be mindful of daily use and #Maintenance if you want to #ExtendTheLife of your washing machines and clothing 💖
🔑 Hopefully these life hacks are helpful to you! 🔮

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