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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
💦 Water Is Life!💦

💦 Water Is Life!💦

💦 Water Is Life!💦
Did you know that water makes up to 60% of our body, and thus staying hydrated with clean and safe water is high-priority for a healthier living.

This compact filtration system filters up to 7 kinds of water for your daily needs. ✨

It is multi-functional water system that supports your life and It helps to:
✔️Remove odour from your tap water
✔️ Purify water for making baby’s milk
✔️ Improve the beauty of your skin for face wash
✔️ Improve digestive system
✔️ Enhance the flavours of your everyday cooking

✅ High-performance filters and electrolyzer for effective filtration
✅ 4 coloured LCD panel to determine the type of water and cartridge life
✅ Stainless steel water filter housing

✅ Filter 13+4 harmful substances and remove odour from drinking water
✅ 5 pH level selection for daily needs
✅ Purify 4 levels of alkaline and 2 levels of weak acidic water

Your journey to good health starts here!💪

Grab yours now!

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