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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
A must-have #WaterFilterSystem at home! 😲 Do you think it’s safe to use tap water?

A must-have #WaterFilterSystem at home! 😲 Do you think it’s safe to use tap water?

A must-have #WaterFilterSystem at home! 😲 Do you think it’s safe to use tap water?


💧 Water is the most basic and extremely important resource in life! Not only do we need to use a lot of water in our daily life, but even our bodies cannot live without water for a moment!


We all know that the human body is largely made of water, and water accounts for about 60 to 70 percent of our body's weight. If we lost 15% of the fluid, our lives will be in danger. That’s why we should always drink plenty of water to maintain good health!


We use large amounts of water each day, but have you ever thought that the impurities in the water may enter our body through skin contact during washing or showering?! 😨😱 This is the reason why we need water filter system to ensure our safety and health!


It is a common fact that a water filter system can remove the unwanted contaminants in our drinking water, but why must we adopt a water filter system and can’t drink water straight from the tap? 🤔


Let us discover the answers now! 📖
⚠️ Water Pollution:
🔖 According to the statistics, 📈 up to 80% of the rivers in Malaysia are considered "dead rivers"! 😱


⚠️ Secondary pollutant exists during water delivery:
🔖 Tap water has to pass through the water supply networks, water towers, water tanks and other facilities in order to be transported to the home, and it is likely to be contaminated by rusty or corroded facilities before even reaching to you 😥


⚠️ High-rise building third pollutants
🔖 The water storage tanks or water towers on high-rise buildings are usually less taken care of and seldom cleaned for a long time, resulting in more and more sediments 😷


⚠️ Industrial pollution:
🔖 The factories often dump toxic substances into the river, which is a serious water pollution source! 😡


📌 Therefore, to ensure that our drinking water is safe and hygienic, a water filter system is absolutely essential!


#Ecowater Drinking Water Filter System adopts the US-patented #MetSorb technology, possesses a unique composite filter, combined with imported compressed activated carbon and MR FACT technology folding film, which can effectively sterilize and remove heavy metals as well as other volatile substances in the water! ☢️ Moreover, it could be installed under the sink to save place for you. Its folded pleated technology can also increase the absorption capacity, which leads to a high flow rate and efficiency in filtration, and allowing you to enjoy safe drinking water! 


【Ecowater Drinking Water Filter System】:
 Stylish and Elegant Design
 Composite Technology
 MetSorb Technology
 Imported Compressed Activated Carbon
 MR FACT Technology Folding Film
 Sterilize and Remove Lead
 Fully Enclosed Filter Media
 Built-In Bypass Valve


【Accredited Certification 💯】:
🌟 NSF (verified by National Sanitation Foundation)
🌟 Water Quality (approved by Water Quality Association)
🌟 Suitable for Vegetarians (supported by Vegetarian Society)
🌟 Global Halal Food (recognized by JAKIM Malaysia)


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Improve your water quality in your home now.
Effective water filtration, rest assured to drink!


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