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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Mind Blowing Facts About Laundry 😲

Mind Blowing Facts About Laundry 😲

Mind Blowing Facts About Laundry 😲


Are clothes really clean after washing?


We all know that tossing dirty clothes 👕👖 into the washing machine is one of our common daily chores.


However, people often misunderstood that the more laundry detergent is used, the cleaner your clothes will be.
In fact, an ordinary washing machine would not clean your clothes thoroughly from in and out with more detergent, but instead causing some of the detergent to stay on the clothes!


 These undissolved detergents would affect our skin negatively in the long run! 🦠


 After some time, it will also penetrate into the clothing fibres, and the elasticity of clothes would be ruined, destroying your clothes!


Most laundry detergents are often reported to contain fluorescent whitening agents. It may lead to serious skin rashes or allergies after contact with your skin for a long time! 😨


#SHARP #FullyAutomaticWasher is equipped with SHARP Intelligent Waterfall System, which could completely dissolve laundry detergent as well as other cleaning agents! Leave no residue of laundry detergents behind! 💦


SHARP Intelligent Waterfall System possesses a powerful water flow to clean clothes with 3 nozzles coming from different directions in order to increase the dissolution rate of both liquid and powder detergents, effectively removing the undissolved detergent on clothes!


【SHARP Fully Automatic Washer】:
 LED screen
 Fuzzy controller
 Intelligent Waterfall System
 Auto soak mode
 Quick wash mode
 Auto restart after a power outage
 SS drum
 Washboard texture stainless steel tub


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Your truly smart and efficient washing machine.
Enable you to wash clothes at ease and wear comfortably!


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