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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What happens when everyone wants a corner of the fridge during this #CMCO ?

What happens when everyone wants a corner of the fridge during this #CMCO ?

What happens when everyone wants a corner of the fridge during this #CMCO ?


During this stay-at-home order, families are getting to spend more time together. And living together means ensuring that all our food, drinks and snacks are available anytime in the fridge during this movement order.


This cool and elegant looking #Sharp #4doorsfridge is here to free your troubles! ❄️ With symmetrical doors and a long handle design, this fridge has an array of innovative technologies that will satisfy many at home!


With a generous space of 740L of compartments, mothers can now have easy visibility and access to what is available inside to whip up sumptuous meals at home. They can also be sure that food in the fridge will be kept fresh longer, thus reducing the trips for grocery shopping during this pandemic.


Kids and men of the household are not left out too! You will be surprised that they will be pleased when they get to stock up their snacks and beers together with everyone at home. With this beautifully LED illuminated spacious interior, it also means better visibility during sneaky midnight snacks during Netflix binges!


So, enjoying each other’s company at home with a large fridge space helps to bring family members closer and happier!


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【Sharp‘s 4 Door Inverter Auto Ice Maker Fridge】:
✔️ J-Tech Inverter Technology saves energy up to 77% compared to conventional inverter
✔️ Plasmacluster Ion Technology helps to keep food fresh longer by releasing positive and negative ions
✔️ ActiFresh Hybrid Cooling Technology to prevent dryness, uneven or over cooling to keep food fresh
✔️ Has an Express Freezing Mode to greatly boost the freezing speed of the fridge
✔️ Intelligent Mode Handle Indicator with 3 different colours to reflect the condition of the fridge
✔️ Door Alarm Light Indicator to ensure that doors are closed to preserve freshness
✔️ Auto Crystal Clear Ice Cube Maker for hassle free ice making process
✔️ With a touch of a button, self-cleaning for ice making system only takes 40 seconds
✔️ Water tank, pump and tray for ice making systems are coated with AG+ Antibacterial Ion to keep ice bacteria free


Every household needs an extra-large fridge space to accommodate what we need during this CMCO.


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