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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Nespresso OR Espresso? Which coffee maker is better❓ A must read for OfficeWorkers ➕ #CoffeeLover! ☕♨️

Nespresso OR Espresso? Which coffee maker is better❓ A must read for OfficeWorkers ➕ #CoffeeLover! ☕♨️

#Nespresso OR #Espresso? Which coffee maker is better❓
A must read for #OfficeWorkers ➕ #CoffeeLover! ☕♨️

For most of the office workers🧑‍💻 coffee definitely is a life-sustaining boost!⚡️

Many of them prefer to have a coffee maker at home since drinking coffee has become a basic daily routine☕

However, some people may have difficulty selecting a coffee maker. Their primary concerns include ⚠️ cost-effective ⚠️ convenient ⚠️ taste ⚠️appearance design and so on.

The most common types of home coffee makers in the market are #EspressoCoffeeMakers and #CapsuleCoffeeMakers.

For office workers, obtaining high-quality coffee, fast and convenient is a must.

🟥 #EspressoCoffeeMakers are categorised into fully automatic or semi-automatic.
Fully automatic: The coffee beans or coffee powder must be added and the compartment must be cleaned before changing flavours.

Semi-automatic: all brewing processes must be carried out manually.

✅Therefore, for someone always busy, #CapsuleCoffeeMakers are more suitable!
It can be characterised as a combination of two kinds of espresso makers where the coffee is made at the touch of a button. You can change your flavour at any time, easily and conveniently!

The most important feature of the #CoffeeCapsules are: ✨Ensure Freshness!✨

Coffee beans or ground coffee used in general coffee makers have a freshness problem once the package is opened.

While small packets of capsule coffee can keep coffee quality fresh for up to 12 months. It is equivalent to a real freshly ground cup of coffee powder to make coffee❗️😋

☕The Benefits of Capsule Coffee Makers☕
1️⃣ simple operation
👉 Simply place a coffee capsule into the coffee makers and you'll have a delicious cup of coffee in 30 seconds!

2️⃣ Freshness
👉 Coffee beans are ground into powder and then placed in aluminium capsules for making capsule coffee, which avoids issues like acidification and oxidation that can occur when coffee beans or coffee powder are exposed to air.

3️⃣ Easy to store
👉 The coffee capsules are using oxygen-free sealing technology with aluminium foil of space capsules to maintain stable quality for two years.

👉 There are manufacturers who professionally mix and bake to form different tastes, consumers can choose according to their preferences and stable taste.

5️⃣ Mini Size
👉Normally the capsule coffee maker will be smaller than an espresso coffee maker, even if it is placed at home, it won't take up too much space.

Capsule coffee makers are super affordable and easy to use compared to espresso machines! 😍
It's really convenient to have a capsule coffee maker at home when you are rushing out at work🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
🔑 Hopefully these #CoffeeLifeHacks are helpful to you! 🔮
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