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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
🌟Exciting News! 🌟

🌟Exciting News! 🌟

🌟Exciting News! 🌟

DOE and JICA, the two global leaders in sustainable practices, recently paid a visit to our warehouse. They came to observe👀 and check🔎 firsthand how TBM handles e-waste management ♻️ throughout the years ⏳.
The collected e-waste items include old phones, computers, small and big home appliances, etc.📱💻📺
◽️DOE (Department of Environment Malaysia)
◽️JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
🤩 We're also thrilled to announce that we're currently engaged in a groundbreaking 6-month pilot project alongside them, diving deep into a more practical and sustainable e-waste recycling flow ♻️ that suits Malaysia.
Together, we can make the planet cleaner and greener. 🌍🌿 Stay with us for more updates on our journey to help the environment! 💚 and don't forget to bring your e-waste to any of our TBM outlets. Every contribution matters 🌈.
Recycle one item of e-waste to redeem 5,000 Axtra Rewards points!
🔗 TBM E-waste Program 👉
🌟 Axtra Rewards 👉
📱 Deal with us via Whatsapp now 👉
🌏 Earthlings for Earth, protecting both people and the planet.
💙 TBM stands with you, making efforts for the environment ♻️, and constantly addressing the issue of #EWaste !
#BuySmart #WiselyUse We are in charge of your e-waste!
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