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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
🚨What Happen If We Fail to Recycle E-Waste? ♻️ #RecyclingOverDisposal, Protect Our Earth, Our Health❤️‍🩹

🚨What Happen If We Fail to Recycle E-Waste? ♻️ #RecyclingOverDisposal, Protect Our Earth, Our Health❤️‍🩹

🚨What Happen If We Fail to Recycle E-Waste?
♻️ #RecyclingOverDisposal, Protect Our Earth, Our Health❤️‍🩹

"Sorting waste is such a hassle 🤦, just throw everything into the trash bin. 💁"
Do you think that's the right way? 🧐

🌍 If everyone have a selfish mindset when dealing with waste, our natural environment 🏞️, Earth, and even the people 👪 around us will be greatly affected❗❗

Improper e-waste disposal will increase the threat to human health! This is because e-waste contains over 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ toxic substances, including #lead, #mercury, #cadmium, #barium, #beryllium, and #mercury, which can cause severe damage to the human nervous system and kidneys 🧪🤯

🚨Especially affected vulnerable groups such as:

【 #Children 🧒】
In fact, numerous children living or playing around e-waste recycling centres that contain toxic chemicals which can severely affect their #intellectual development 🧠. They have a tendency to absorb a greater amount of pollutants relative to their body size, 😥limited capacities to metabolise and eliminate harmful substances 🤒

【 #SanitationWorkers 🧑‍🏭】
Improper disposal of e-waste may cause toxic residues to leak and lead to environmental pollutions which posing risks to the brain's nervous system 🧠 and other organs ⚠️. Those sanitation workers face health risks as they are handling waste and potentially being exposed to 🚨toxic substances that threaten their lives and health❗😢

【#PregnantWomen 🤰🏻】
Women that work in informal waste sectors may exposed to toxic chemicals 🧪 during pregnancy. These harmful substances may cross the placenta and enter the fetal body ⚠️, affect the fetal development and health, potentially resulting in stillbirth/premature birth, as well as low birth weight and length.

Therefore, proper e-waste management is important. Be aware and together to protect people around us.

🙋 If you have old appliances/phones to recycle, bring it to TBM now!
We are responsible for e-waste collection 📺, helping you #RecycleEwaste and promoting environmental activities ♻️!
Recycle one item of e-waste to any TBM outlet and you can redeem 5,000 Axtra Rewards points!
🌏 Earthlings for Earth, protecting both people and the planet.
💙 TBM stands with you, making efforts for the environment ♻️, and constantly addressing the issue of #EWaste !

#BuySmart #WiselyUse We are in charge of your e-waste!

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