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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
ELECTRONIC WASTE HARMS HUMAN HEALTH! National Environment Day ♻️ Electronic Waste Recycling Program

ELECTRONIC WASTE HARMS HUMAN HEALTH! National Environment Day ♻️ Electronic Waste Recycling Program


National Environment Day ♻️ Electronic Waste Recycling Program 


Did you own any unwanted or old electrical appliances, yet don’t know how to deal with it? 🤔️


🆖 Throw them? But don't know where to throw them away? 
🆖 Sell them? But uncertain if you could sell them? 
🆖 Give away? But not sure if anyone would want them? 

🆗 You should #recycle them! It's definitely the most environmental-friendly solution! 

Have you ever heard of #NationalEnvironmentDay ? To promote the concept of “Environment: Our Shared Responsibility”, four main projects are launched:
1️⃣ E-waste collection campaign ♻️
2️⃣ National river trail program 🌊
3️⃣ Reduce single-use plastic 🚫🛍
4️⃣ Tree planting campaign 🌳🌻


The e-waste collection campaign is one of the four main highlights of National Environment Day. As new gadgets and upgraded devices continue to exist, the increasing amount of e-waste has become a problem.


🌎 The Environment and Water Ministry have declared that the last Saturday of each month would be designated as #EwasteCollectionDay nationwide, beginning January next year. ♻️ This initiative aims to ensure that e-waste could be recycled more systematically and safely!


【How To Determine Whether The Item Is E-waste】:
E-waste refers to damaged, unused, old or obsolete electrical appliances or tools, such as mobile phone, television, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner and many more.


【What Are The Potential Health Impacts of E-waste】:
E-waste contains a lot of chemical substances that are toxic and harmful to our human body. ☢️ It may harm our health seriously! ☠️ Meanwhile, it also affects the natural environment negatively! 🦠


【What Types of Chemical Substances Are Comprised in E-waste】:
The lead, mercury, cadmium, barium, beryllium, and chromium in e-waste could damage our central nervous system and kidney, and affect brain development in children. These hazardous components may also enter the body through inhalation or ingestion, causing chronic damage to human health. 😷 For example, kidney and liver damage, nerve damage, and even teratogenicity, which can disturb the development of embryos and foetuses! 😱


【Why Should You Recycle E-waste】:
E-waste can also become a resource because it contains different types of precious metals that can be recycled. For example, a television contains copper, iron, glass, and plastic. 75% of the television components can be recycled and used as raw materials!

🇲🇾 Department of Environment Malaysia encourages the public to send your e-waste collection to the registered collection centre for recycling. As part of the local community, we #TanBoonMing are honoured to be able to contribute to this meaningful campaign! 🤗


【How To Participate In This Campaign】:
1️⃣ You can send your e-waste to our TBM outlet entrance or warehouse, then bring it to our staff.
2️⃣ We will pass them to the person-in-charge on behalf of you.
✔️ We are committed to becoming a collection centre for household electronic waste!
✔️ Help everyone to send their household e-waste to #DOE registered collection centre!
✔️ We are also authorised as one of the e-waste collectors by Department of Energy (DOE)!


📍 TBM Outlets Locations】:
1. Old Klang Road, KL
2. Bangsar Village, Bangsar
3. Cheras Sentral, Cheras
4. Setapak Central, Danau Kota
5. Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang
6. Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam
7. 3 Damansara Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya
8. D’pulze Shopping Centre, Cyberjaya
9. Central I-City, Shah Alam
10. Tropicana Gardens Mall, Kota Damansara
♻️📣 Let’s protect the planet together! We must dispose of e-waste in a systematic way in order to guarantee a healthy living environment for our future generations! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👶👧🧒👦

Speak with our [TBM Expert] for further details and information! 📩📞
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