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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Looking for the PERFECT #Refrigerator? The #SimpleWay to choose the RIGHT refrigerator!

Looking for the PERFECT #Refrigerator? The #SimpleWay to choose the RIGHT refrigerator!

Looking for the PERFECT #Refrigerator? The #SimpleWay to choose the RIGHT refrigerator!

Many people are buying a refrigerator without doing any research 😰 or completely listen to the words of the promoter without considering their own needs. 😓 After a while of usage, the refrigerator frequently becomes unsatisfactory which reduces user comfort. 😫 The following tips will help you choose a refrigerator that will keep your home comfortable!

Most of the refrigerators on the market today are cross-doors, side-by-side doors, etc. The refrigerator door is important because it affects the capacity and demand!
✅ Cross Door: Good energy-saving effect can meet the storage needs of different ingredients and prevent food string taste
❌ Side-by-Side Door: Higher energy consumption, easy cause food string
taste, but the overall space is bigger to accommodate the needs of store up

✅ Metal Panel: Resistant to fingerprints and scratches, good care and easy to clean. Metal panel refrigerators are more stylish and fashionable, not easy to damage
❌ Glass Panel: Not resistant to fingerprints and scratches, requires constant care

Preventing the mixing smell of food is the main difference between single and multiple cycles!
✅ Multiple cycle system: The freezer compartment and refrigerator compartment have their own refrigeration system, so there is no food string taste problem. In addition, the multi-circulation system is less noisy and more energy efficient
❌ Single cycle system: The freezer compartment and refrigerator compartment share a common refrigeration system, so there is the problem of food string taste. Also, the temperature is difficult to accurately control , noisy and power-consuming

The energy efficiency class is a grading method that indicates the difference between the energy efficiency of household appliances, the energy efficiency ratio is converted into the ratio of the cooling capacity. The smaller the ratio, the lower the energy efficiency ratio, which means more power saving!
✅ First class: The lowest energy consumption, the most power saving and longer lifespan
❌ Second or third class:barely power saving

There are fixed frequency and inverter compressors, and the function of the compressor is for refrigeration. Thus, the quality of the compressor will affect the quality of the refrigerator and the cooling effect!
✅ Inverter Compressor: Adjust the compressor speed at any time according to the needs of cooling, running smoothly without frequent start and stop. It is more quiet, energy-saving, and the fresh-keeping temperature is more uniform
❌ Fixed Frequency Inverter: The compressor speed is fixed and start
frequently, resulting in higher power consumption and noisy

✅ Double row of drawers: More spaces and more partitioning for organised storage of ingredients
❌ A row of drawers: Less spaces and poorly sorted ingredients

Which refrigeration method is better for a refrigerator? What is the principle of refrigerator refrigeration? The biggest difference between air cooling or direct cooling is whether #ManualDefrosting is required!
✅ Air-Cooled and Frost Free: No manual defrosting required, fast refrigeration speed, uniform temperature, cost-effective, is the mainstream refrigeration method of refrigerators at present, mainly through the fan blowing cold air to the freezer compartment and refrigerator compartment to complete the refrigeration process
❌ Direct Cooling: Manual defrosting required, slow refrigeration speed, the evaporator is attached to the back plate or exposed, and the cooling effect is mainly achieved by natural convection of cold air

How to determine the capacity and size of a refrigerator? In fact, you can choose according to the average volume of about 50L per person!
✅ Family of three: 400L+ refrigerator is recommended
✅ Family of five or more: 600L+ refrigerator is recommended

As one of the "three main types of home furniture", the refrigerator should be carefully selected to greatly enhance the happiness of your home! 🥰
🔑 Hopefully these life hacks are helpful to you! 🔮
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