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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
Often get colds at midnight?! 🥶 3 risks of sleeping with air conditioning! 🔔

Often get colds at midnight?! 🥶 3 risks of sleeping with air conditioning! 🔔

Often get colds at midnight?! 🥶 3 risks of sleeping with air conditioning! 🔔

According to MetMalaysia, Malaysia is experiencing a period of hot temperatures recently and could last until July! 🥵 Thus, everyone likes to stay in the #AirConditioned rooms ❄️ and sleep with the air conditioning! 😴

In fact, if air conditioning is used in the right way, not only stimulates the body's production of melatonin to help fight aging, but can even improve the quality of your health! 💪

Chris Brantner, founder of the American Sleep Online resource, has said that our bodies are better adapted to #LowTemperatures ! So sleeping with the air conditioning on is not a problem!

However, it should be noted that the air temperature should not be lower than the outdoor temperature by more than 7°C, otherwise there will have a #HealthRisk ⚠️

Air-conditioning has a dehumidifying effect causing the room to dry. If the air conditioning is on for a long time, it will take away the moisture from the surface layer of the skin, leaving the skin in a dehydrated state and leading to accelerated skin aging! 🙅‍♀️

Usually the doors and windows will close tightly when turning on the air conditioner to prevent the cold air from flowing away, but blowing the air conditioner with the doors and windows tightly closed will result in poor air circulation and lack of fresh air, leading to poor air quality! By the time, the body will experience some uncomfortable symptoms, such as sneezing, cold, chills, etc. 🤒

You run the risk of developing rheumatism, headaches, and occlusive symptoms if you sleep with the lower air conditioning temperature 🤧 This can also affect how well your body's thermoregulatory centres function. A prolonged exposure to cold air can also cause joint stiffness and discomfort, which can result in arthritis and joint pain. 😨

But don't worry about it! You can sleep in the comfort of the air conditioning by just following the advice below! 🛏️

✅ Set temperature to 26°C and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not exceed 7°C
✅ Turn the air conditioner vents #Upwards to avoid blowing cold air directly on your head and body to prevent arthritis, colds, headaches and other discomforts
✅ Select #SleepMode or #SetTimer to prevent the air getting too dry
✅ Avoid #TightlyClosed windows, leave a little space to keep the air flowing and improve air quality.

Minimise the risks of air conditioning! Take care of your family's health while protecting the quality of sleep!
🔑 Hopefully these life hacks are helpful to you! 🔮
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