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What's new? Exciting TBM deals await you!
The secret to making a perfect cup of coffee! ☕😮

The secret to making a perfect cup of coffee! ☕😮

The secret to making a perfect cup of coffee! ☕😮
#Espresso is the key to making a perfect cup of coffee!! Making coffee is simple but making a good cup of espresso is challenging!
ℹ️ What type of coffee are espresso based?
Espresso is the base of #FancyCoffee ✨ Common classic coffee drinks such as #Latte, #Cappuccino, #Macchiato and #Mocha are all espresso based.
🥸 Understanding Espresso ☕(Three Layers)
1️⃣ Crema:
Crema is a layer of reddish-brown foam that forms on the surface of espresso. The soluble oils in coffee are emulsified by hot water ♨️ and oversaturate with carbon dioxide which causes a foam layer.
2️⃣ Body:
It can be understood as its texture. You can feel the "weight" or "fullness" when you drink a full-bodied coffee 😌 Espresso has the richest aroma and flavour body🍃
3️⃣ Heart:
The layer below the main body of the espresso is nearly black in colour. Its primary flavour is bitter, which it uses to counteract the sweetness and aroma of the top two layers. 💞
🔎 Frequently asked questions about espresso:
⚠️ Why is there lack of coffee crema on my espresso?
The most likely reason is packing the espresso filter with the 💥incorrect size of coffee grind. Water can easily seep into the coffee balls in the handle if there isn't enough resistance. Another possible reason is that the coffee is no longer fresh.
⚠️ What is a "dead espresso shot"?
Freshly pulled espresso that has been left out too long is referred to as "dead espresso." Espresso will quickly start to lose its flavour and eventually become undrinkable and "dead" after brewing. Cold espresso has a sour flavour.
Although espresso might seem like a part of the ingredients, it actually contributes a lot to the flavour of coffee! 🤓🌟
🔑 Hopefully these #CoffeeLifeHacks are helpful to you! 🔮
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